Quotes for United Health Insurance: Good news for shareholders and bad news for consumers? 6

Quotes for United Health Insurance: Good news for shareholders and bad news for consumers? 6

With all these health workers (insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, etc.) striving to increase profits and pressure our politicians to allow them to do so, how costs will be reduced and how coverage will be managed with equity? Imagine how many billions more UnitedHealth (or any health insurance company) could make if it refused someone it considered to have a potentially expensive condition. Or perhaps they could earn even more if they refused to cover those who were genetically predisposed to a health condition. And indeed, some of the operators and big employers have tried to do so, which has resulted in government legislation to prevent operators and employers from refusing to insure people based on their genetic profile. For example, when Mike the mechanic had a heart attack, he was not worried about the price, he wanted the best care possible, regardless of the costs. And therein lies a big part of the problem. When it comes to the medical care of our loved ones, we usually don’t care what it costs. But not all problems are related to emergency care, and in many cases patients may take time to evaluate the costs, quality and location of procedures if providers simply inform us.

We have medical coverage because if we have an expensive disease such as malignancy, protection is the main way we pay for treatment.It is not a good omen to buy protection where the scope cost is so high that you are likely to end up paying all of your potential misfortune in prizes, regardless of whether you find that misfortune or not. Plan and compare health insurance plans today. Protection is also not a good omen when you can easily endure misfortune, which is why experts recommend against protection strategies or service contracts for the buyer’s essential hardware, such as cell phones and televisions. Insurance is affordable to provide a safe budget against a wide range of misfortunes:

  • damage to the car body due to a buildup
  • domestic fires
  • apartment thefts

Medical plans for people injured in a defense folder

  • long term disability

This includes many nonprofit hospitals, which are really extremely profitable; The gains are reinvested in facilities, technology, research and, of course, compensation. Little has been done to provide patient visibility about rising costs. On the other hand, why should these parts work to reduce costs or increase patient visibility? Lower costs result in reduced revenues and profits, and these healthcare entities are motivated to achieve attractive returns for their shareholders and executives the same motivation as any business.