OpenSource Laravel CRM

Opensource CRM developed in Laravel for small companies

Laravel/PHP CRM

Myassist Customer Relationship Management software created using Laravel framework of PHP, Laravel is the No 1 ranking PHP framework for years now and fast loading and easy customisation option makes it preferred framework for programmers as well as companies.We provide full support for all customisation requests. We can do customisation ourself for you or can help your programmer needs any help. Please make full use of support /help options available on the website.

Opensource MyAssistCRM

MyAssistCRM is 100% opensource, so each industry or company can customise it according to their internal needs. We provide support through website as customer posts it through support forum. A programmer with knowledge in Laravel can customise our application. We are constantly updating the CRM with new modules to make it better and will notify all the users regarding the updates once after launched.

CRM with Dealer& Distributor

Though MyAssistCRM can be used for big companies, it will be ideal for companies with 100 or less employees.Key feature includes the dealer and distributor sections, which comes with the basic system. This unique feature makes the CRM , preferred one for manufacturing companies.Also can customise these features. We do provide paid customisation service as users needed. We can have a skype or whatsapp call to discuss the changes/customisation needed.


MyAssist CRM Features

MyAssist CRM is made with an intention to make the Customer relationship management easier and customise it for each industry or company.


Create orders within no time.Sent to your clients and u can convert it to invoice after the order is placed.


Build professional and great looking invoices. Attach files and send directly to your clients including the invoice PDF. Invoice with different tax based on item.


Create quotations within a minute. Sent to your customers and wait to accept. Ability to auto convert the quotation to invoice after customer accept.


Assign task to multiple employees with provision for adding task checklists,task comments,task attachments.


You can keep track of leads and easily follow their progress. You can convert lead to Dealer,Distributor and customer, view activities that has been taken under a lead and make activity calls too.


You can add current tax system of your country or the country on which your businesses are carried on and apply them to the quotes,invoices,orders etc.


You can simply keep contacts of all of your clients comprising of all the informations regarding the client on this section.


You can create customers and there is also a customer login section provided on which customers can login and view all there business and upcoming ones with the company.


You can create distributors and also assign dealers to the distributors and there is also a distributor login section provided on which distributors can login and view all there business and upcoming ones with the company as well as they can add distributors and employees of there enterprise if any.


You can create dealers and also assign distributors to the dealers and there is also a dealer login section provided on which dealers can login and view all there business and upcoming ones with the company as well as there distributor.


You can add employees and even make them as admin with all the privileges or u can modify there privileges as they remain as a usual employee. Also u can communicate with employees with a chat system provided on this application. Employees can login to there panel and view all the tasks assigned to them.


Reports of invoices,leads,orders,transactions,quotes can be seen yearly monthly or the date slot of your choice.

Help line

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